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Get a WooDoo Doll!

…and help a student attend The Amaz!ng Meeting. All proceeds (100% of the purchase price, minus PayPal fees) go to Woo Fighters to cover travel expenses for students to attend TAM9. Sales will continue after the meeting until all expenses are covered. Any additional revenue will be used to send students to TAM10.

Standard doll is approximately 6” tall and is handmade by Woo Fighters.

Each Standard Doll comes with:

  • 1 removable hair (choose from 5 colors, red not pictured)
  • 3 pins
  • noose
  • 2 miniature clothes pins
  • duct tape sample

Or choose the Deluxe Doll and get everything that comes with the standard doll, plus all 5 hair colors.

Is more than one person getting under your skin? Try our economical 3-Pack:

  • 5 hair (1 of each color)
  • 9 pins
  • 2 nooses
  • 4 miniature clothes pins
  • 1 duct tape sample

All prices include shipping within the U.S. and Canada.
Additional charge for international shipping.

Standard Doll: $8
Hair Color

Deluxe Doll: $12

3-pack: $22

Additional Hair

(with doll purchase):

Hair Color

Add’l Torture Device

(with doll purchase):


International Shipping: $3

and/or checkout     


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