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Comments are welcome, but spam is not. Also, any and all links to pseudoscience (as determined by Woo Fighters Administrators) will be removed.

Be a Woo Fighter

There are many ways to fight woo. Here are some suggestions:

  • Join us. If you are a CSUN student, email us at If you are not a CSUN student, email us at and we will update you on our progress in forming a non-profit organization.

  • Start your own Woo Fighters chapter. Contact us at for advice and feel free to use the information on this website to form your mission statement. Help us build a strong organization and reach as many as possible.

  • Fight woo in your own way. Join a skeptic organization, volunteer, teach, start a blog, form your own organization – whatever motivates you. There are many (105, to be exact) suggestions in What Do I Do Next? Daniel Loxton of the Skeptic Society compiled the suggestions of several skepticism activists (including himself) and created this useful guide to changing the world.

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