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Time for TAM!

Hello from the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, venue of The Amaz!ng Meeting 8! For the next four days I will be covering the event by providing daily summaries of all talks attended.  Also representing Woo Fighters are Barbara Drescher and (thanks to a generous last-minute sponsor) Matthew Newton, taking part in what should be a mentally stimulating, invigorating, and highly enjoyable convention.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to those who donated in support of Woo Fighters and allowed for us to take part in this great opportunity. Your gracious donations are enabling me to gain firsthand experience in being a part of the critical thinking community, which will provide inspiration and understanding that will fuel endeavors in the promotion and application of critical thinking. I also would like to thank those who spent time and energy in getting the word out about our request for donations – your actions are worth a great deal and are greatly appreciated. Thank you for the support, everyone!

There is a wealth of information about TAM available online. Those who are interested in keeping up with the convention should check out the following:

JREF’s Official TAM8 Site – Includes speakers, workshops, and programming schedule

Skepticality Speaking Beyond BS – To be broadcast live on Ustream (link to be included as it is available)

Drinking Skeptically Live at TAM

TAM8 Updates via Facebook

TAM8 Tweets

As for my presentation summaries, programming runs through the evening so updates should be posted in the later evening or early the following morning.  I am honored to be taking part in TAM 8 and am very eager to pass the information on, so stay tuned!

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